Whether you're new to containers, and the cloud native era, or you're an experienced user already, there's nothing better than web resources, for learning or reference. Here are a few of my favourites.

Curated Content

Container Technology Wiki - Covers more than 200 container-related topics linking to thousands of articles, blogs and videos, and serves as the community hub for expert opinions, use cases and tutorials talking about container technology.

Awesome Docker - A curated list of Docker resources and projects.

Awesome Kubernetes - A curated list of Kubernetes resources and projects.

Blog Sites

Integrated Code - Phil Estes, Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM Software Group’s Cloud Performance and Open Technologies team.

Alex Ellis' Blog - Alex Ellis, Senior Staff Engineer (Open Source) at VMware.

Bret Fisher - Bret Fisher, Freelance DevOps and Docker Consultant.

A Docker Captain's Blog - Ajeet Singh Raina, Senior Systems Engineer, Dell EMC