If you're new to Docker, or looking to increase your Docker knowledge, then some of the resources listed here, may be of help to you. Some of the resources are provided gratis, whilst the Pluralsight course(s) require a subscription.

If you're interested in hiring me to teach any aspect of Docker to your team, please drop me an [email](mailto:nigel@windsock.io?subject=Docker Training).

Pluralsight Training Courses

Containerizing a Software Application with Docker - this course is for those with a basic knowledge of Docker, but looking to get started with authoring Docker images with Dockerfiles. First, you'll explore the nature of Docker images, and their relationship with containers. Next, you'll master how to create Docker images, including authoring a Docker image for a real software application using a Dockerfile. Finally, you'll discover how to name and share Docker images with a wider audience.

Securing Docker Container Workloads - this is an intermediate course, for those with some experience of using Docker containers, and needing to ensure their workloads are secure. First, you'll learn about the Linux security mechanisms that go together to create the abstract concept of the container, and how they work together to ensure that containers are good neighbours. Next, you'll get to grips with the privileges that are available to container workloads, and how you can adopt and apply the principle of least privilege, in order to reduce the risk of privilege escalation. Finally, you'll see how to minimize the attack surface available from within a container, by limiting the access it has to the kernel, and other system objects.

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Container Orchestration for Microservices with Docker Swarm